The research project

The summer of 2015 intensified the structural problems of the Common European Asylum System and currently dominate political debates of the EU member states. The European Migration Policies are marked by simultaneous moments of crises but also of a certain stability. These dynamics impact the humanitarian situation of hundreds of thousands of refugees and put into question the democratic and social structures of the EU member states. The current political situation portrays this contradiction : on the one hand, tendencies of re-nationalisation have led to the creation of new borders in Europe; on the other hand, the reform of the Common European Asylum System could lead to a deeper European Integration and a stronger EU border regime.

This research group is committed to examining the political process using a multi-perspective. Our analysis focuses on different actors and their strategies: We examine the struggles around refugee and migration policies in the EU starting from the so-called „Summer of Migration 2015“ (Marc Speer/Bernd Kasparek).
Our three points of analysis are:

  • The legal struggles of refugees at the EU’s external borders and within the national asylum systems.
  • The contradictory modus of the integration policies, which are characterized by selective exclusion and inclusion.
  • The role of trade unions and the inseparable link between refugee policies and the social question, as well as the perspective of European solidarity.

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