Our team

Prof. Dr. Sonja Buckel
(head of the project)
Email: sonja.buckel@uni-kassel.de

Sonja Buckel is professor for Political Theory at University of Kassel. She studied Law and Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt (Main). Her doctoral thesis developed neo-marxian perspectives of the study of law ...more about Sonja Buckel
Neva Löw
(PhD Candidate)
Email: n.loew@beyond-summer15.eu

Neva Loew, Magistra der Philosophie und Master of Arts, studied Political Science at the University of Vienna, Austria. She worked as a research assistant at the Austrian Society for European Politics and as a policy officer for the European ...more about Neva Löw
Mario Neumann
(PhD Candidate)
Email: mario.neumann@uni-kassel.de

Mario Neumann, Sociologist (Diplom), studied in Frankfurt (Main). He worked as a researcher at the Institute Solidary Modernity ("Institut Solidarische Moderne", ISM) in Berlin focussing on Europe, democracy ...more about Mario Neumann
Maximilian Pichl
(PhD Candidate)
Email: m.pichl@beyond-summer15.eu

Maximilian Pichl, studied Law and Political Science at Goethe-University Frankfurt (Main). He was active in the Association of Critical Lawyers and was working at the Institute for Social Research in the project „State Project ...more about Maximilian Pichl
Judith Kopp
(associated PhD Candidate)
Email: j.kopp@beyond-summer15.eu

Judith Kopp studied Cultural Sciences and Sociology in Lucerne, Geneva and Frankfurt (Main). From 2011 until 2018 she worked with the human rights organization PRO ASYL at the European department. Her work focused ...more about Judith Kopp
Moritz Elliesen
(Student Assistant)
Email: m.elliesen@beyond-summer15.eu

Moritz Elliesen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy from Goethe University Frankfurt (Main) and is currently pursuing his M.A. studies in Political Science at University of Kassel. ...more about Moritz Elliesen
Helena Lovrekovic
(Student Assistant)
Email: h.lovrekovic@beyond-summer15.eu

Helena Lovrekovic holds a B.A. in engineering with a focus on "Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" and has worked for the local Energy Agency of Kassel County. She is currently studying Political Science with a minor in ...more about Helena Lovrekovic
Laura Graf
(Student Assistant)